Our Company started in 1972 as a family business under the name " Afoi Theodorimpasi OE" at 13, Neas Elvetias street in Vyrona with plumbing fixtures. In 1978 changed its name to "Palmos" and deals with wholesale of tiles and sanitary ware of “VITRUVIT” a company well known throughout Greece. In 1993 on the occasion of the new privately owned central warehouse at 60, Kerkyras street in Vyrona our company takes its final name "Eborikos Palmos S.A."

Today, the company Eborikos Palmos, remains a family business importing tiles and sanitary ware (bath taps, bathtubs jacuzzi) with wholesales in stores throughout Greece. It has developed largely retail sales at 13, Neas Elvetias street, using all possible means for your excellent service as experienced personnel and modern interior design services.

The aim of our company is to meet the immediate needs of our customer, whether is in wholesales or manufacturer and decorator, or private. It provides you with free delivery to your door, your business, your shop, at the best quality and the desired quantity at very reasonable prices.